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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Following Through

Here are a few photos from the family get  together as promised in this post. Granddaughters' faces are blurred for their privacy.

Daughter Emily holding with granddaughters #1 & #2 and daughter Sarah with granddaughter #3 in utero.

Our living room.  You can see the twin bed mattress on the floor.  Usually during the day it was up on its side so we could use that hall.  Both daughters are working on projects.  Emily's husband Matt is reading to granddaughter #1.

Sarah's husband William is napping.

Dan practices his guitar in our bedroom but probably not when the other photos were taken since granddaughter #2 was likely napping.


Gosia k said...

you have a great family

Tom said...

...lots of ladies in this family.

Dawn Y. said...

Such sweet memories! It's easy to see how Sarah and Emily were inspired to pursue their creative passions from their parents! ♡

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