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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

A Book Signing

I have never been to a book signing so when a member of my book club suggested traveling to Sykesville in a neighboring county for dinner and a book signing, I said yes.

We had dinner at E.W. Beck's then crossed the street to A Likely Story Bookstore where the author, Elin Hilderbrand was to speak and sign books.  

You had to purchase a book there to have it signed.  I've never read anything by this author.  She's known for summer beach reads.  I bought a paperback of "The Rumor" to read and then had her sign her name.  After I read it I'll donate it to the Vantage House library so no need to have the book personalized to me.

All the chairs were taken when we arrived and it was standing room only.  We were directed to the front where the author would stand and to the children's book room off of that.  It worked well for the talk but put us at the end of the line for the signing because she was stationed at the front door vestibule.

Here's Sue in the purple who organized this.  Only three out of the 12 members of our book club attended.  The others don't know what they missed.  It was a fun evening out.

Here's Sally.

Elin is being introduced.  She's in the yellow sundress.

Notice the posters on the upper shelf.  Those are from other book signing events.

Here's the line to the front door.  We used the time to peruse other books on the shelf to then look for at the library.

Elin does 16 book events for her new titles.  This store was her 16th and she has been here before for other books.  Maybe being a graduate of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore and having a sister in the area has something to do with that.

I imagine small bookstores have to have a special niche and special events to bring people in to their stores.  Clearly this little shop is doing well against Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


Tom said...

...looks like traditional books are still doing well.

Cranberry Morning said...

Good for the independent bookstores!

Bonnie K said...

Sounds like fun. Thanks for sharing. I've never been to a book signing either. I also get my books at the library.

Cynthia said...

I'm sure the author was thrilled with the good turnout and the fact that so many bought books. Hope you enjoy yours.

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