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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Standing Stones

A popular way to make a picket fence in New England, especially New Hampshire was to sink posts made of granite in the ground as the fence support.

In many places the pickets are long gone and the standing stones are like sentinels.

Outside the old church in Cornish Flat are some new sentinels.

An Explorer Boy Scout had as a project to replace the missing ones.

It appears that some sort of fencing will be attached this spring.

These stones are much finer quarried that the old ones.

Next time I'm in Cornish I'll see how this new fence looks.


Tom said...

...now that's one handsome church, I know that we are in New England!

Kay said...

It must have been a LOT of work to sink those posts into the ground to make it stable. It would be interesting to see how that Explorer project turns out.

Elaine said...

They say that you learn something new every day - and I just have! The church is really lovely, too.

Anonymous said...



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