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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Heron Rookery

Last Saturday was a warm day so we headed out for a walk to find the great blue heron rookery.  We see herons fly by our 11th story windows almost daily as they fly to and from the lakes near us but didn't realize that the rookery was an easy walk.

We crossed a creek - on a bridge built for the construction of a pipeline.

Walked along the pipeline easement with the forest floor green with growth.

Marveled at the large sycamore.

And noticed the first spring flowers.

The rookery appeared in the trees above us as dark patches.

The nests are just sticks that are reused year after year.

I didn't count all the birds but they stood like sentinels up there.

I have no idea if they are the adult parents or the offspring.

I need to read up on how they incubate their eggs because none appeared to be sitting on the nests.


Fun60 said...

You wouldn't think the nest could support their weight. It must be a better structure than it appears.

Tom said...

...Heron condo.

Dawn Y. said...

What a fun discovery, Marcia! You have so many beautiful, interesting places to walk nearby. Walking in nature as the seasons change is always a delight!

Isn't the first blossom of Spring the best? In our Midwest garden, the color is just beginning as miniature Irises, Crocuses, and Forsythia are in full bloom. Wishing you happy Springtime days! ♡Dawn@Petals.Paper.SimpleThymes

Elaine said...

Those nests look so fragile for such big birds!

Les Fous du Cap said...

Jolie héronnière ;-)
Céline & Philippe

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