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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

We Need to Speak Up

No matter who you voted for in 2016, I think you would agree that as Americans we need to know what  if any conflicts of interest our President has. And we need to know that he is willing to remove those conflicts now.

There are two petitions on the We the People website of the White House that you can add your name to.

One petition asks that President Trump immediately release his tax returns.

The second petition asks President Trump to divest himself or put into a blind trust all his business interests.

I've added my name.  It's easy.  Now it's your turn.


Fun60 said...

Well tax evasion brought down Al Capone so maybe the same could happen to Trump.

Tom said...

...amen sister!

Kay said...

You and I are really thinking alike today, Marcia!

Cynthia said...

Done and dusted!

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