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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

A Walk Around Cornish, NH

Still here in Cornish, NH helping my daughter.  Sunday afternoon I took a walk after lunch while daughter and granddaughter napped.

Sharing at Tuesday Treasures

The sky was a mix of sun and clouds.  Now as I type this several hours later its all clouds and snowshowers are in the forecast.

Many of the clapboard houses are colored with white trim.

Many homes have barns in the back.  The one below is unpainted and has weathered to a lovely mis of brown.

Here's the old meeting house I've featured before.

I passed cows at the trough as I headed down the road.

Then passed donkeys,

and alpacas.

As I headed back I had a full view of area called The Flat.

Turkeys for sale for Thanksgiving.

Here's the three bay fire station across the field on another road.

Throughout NH you see the old stone walls and

the old granite posts used for fencing. 

Back passed the meeting house where a Civil War soldier stands to honor the fallen.

Going up School Street is this lovely yellow house and below the Cornish Historical Society.
I've never found it to be open when I've visited here.

The Flat Cemetery is on the left hand side.

I always read the headstones when I can and try to get a sense of the lives buried there,

In reading the one below I wondered what "teen hours" amounted to.

This set of tombstones tells a sad family story of death year after year starting in 1813 of offspring in their teens and early twenties. What disease kept striking this family down?

As I head back here's the library open M/T/F 4-6pm only.

Across the green is the General Store.  It was for sale for many years until it was purchased by J.D. Salinger's widow who has leased it to someone to run.  Not reopened yet though.

The local witch's house.

Daughter's home.


Tom said...

Marcia, what a wonderful collection of treasures, how about sharing them at Tuesday's Treasures.

Fun60 said...

That was a lovely walk you took us on but no doubt you were keen to get back to your granddaughter all bright eyed and beautiful after her afternoon nap.

Marleen said...

Wonderful photos, Marcia. I love the donkeys and alpacas!

Cynthia said...

What a pretty little town. Complete with a neighborhood witch! Your daughter's house is lovely and I'm sure you enjoyed your time with her and her family.

Rose said...

What a wonderful series of photos. I cannot help but feel for those poor parents. I sure would love to know that story. Sure is a sad one, whatever happened.

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