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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

President Woodrow Wilson's House

President Woodrow Wilson is the only US President to live permanently in Washington, DC after serving as president.  [President Obama will be living 3 blocks from this house when he leaves office but its not known yet if he and his family will make their permanent home here.]

A large flag hangs in the entry way to commemorate Flag Day which became a holiday during Wilson's term in office.

The Wilson House is filled with memorabilia that Wilson received as gifts from different countries.  Now Presidents are not allowed to keep these gifts and they end up in Presidential libraries.

The drawing room of the house is filled with instruments. too.

The library includes only a few of his 7000 book collection.  Most went to the Library of Congress.

Above is the pen Wilson used to take the US into World War I.

Above is a portrait of his second wife Edith.  His first wife died during Wilson's first term.

Woodrow Wilson died about 2 years after leaving office.

Edith lived in this house until her death in 1961.

Edith is descended from Pocahantas.

This is Wilson's bedroom.  He had a major stroke while still in office, but continued to serve out the remaining 18 months of his term.  Historians say now that he was not in good health to perform his duties as president.

This painting reminded Wilson of his first wife.  It has since been identified as the mother of the actress Jane Russell by Jane Russell when she visited the house.

Woodrow Wilson House
2340 S Street NW
Washington, DC
Open 10-4 Wed-Sunday
Every Wednesday Night is Vintage Game Night


Tom said...

Thanks Marcia for sharing this historical gem.

Margaret Adamson said...

it was lovely to see all the history and inside the house as I probably will never be there myself. thanks

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