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Friday, August 12, 2016

European Vacation - Part XV

This is the absolutely last post with this title!
I have other photos but they will have other titles when I post them.

A brief synopsis: June 1st we flew to Helsinki, Finland arriving June 2nd.  We spent three nights there then flew to Budapest, Hungary on the 5th and connected with an AmaWaterways river cruise on Monday the 6th.  The river cruise had stops in Bratislava, Vienna, Durnstein, Linz, Passau, and ended in Vilshofen. (Countries: Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Germany with a side trip to Czech Republic by bus.)  
Once we disembarked we took a train to Munich, stowed our luggage at the train station and walked around the Marienplatz.  We caught a westbound train to Kaufering, 1/2 hour away, where we had rented a cottage for three nights. We headed home on June 16th.

Here are photos from Munich and Landsberg, a nearby historic town.

First, where we stayed.  The taxi from the Kaufering Station had trouble finding this small side street.

The cottage is there on the right.

Read more about the cottage here: Kaufering Cottage.

This is the lovely Lech River.

Dan and I walked to Landsberg on our last full day in Germany.  It was reminiscent of our walking tour of the Cotswolds in 2014.  It was over an hour walk on a beautiful day.  We took the train back to Kaufering, 10 minute trip, and then the bus to the stop closest to the cottage.  Nice not to depend upon a car.

Landsberg was a beautiful historic town and unlike the towns we had visited on our cruise, it was not jam packed full of tourists.

So by the time we got to Munich I was almost tired of taking photos.  Here are just a few from the center of town.

 There was a big display against slaughtering pigs in the Marienplatz.  This is the sausage capital?

We were not dissuaded and had our sausage for lunch.

A wonderful trip.  


Tom said...

Marcia, your trip keeps getting better and better.

Margaret Adamson said...

WOW! So many places you can and experience on this trip MArcia. Ladsberg looks a lovely town to wnader around. Great that it was full of tourisst. You managed to get lovely photographs throughout this trip adn made many memories. The saugages are huge but look yummy. Have a wonderful Sunda

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