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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tuesday Treasure #19 - A Posting in Four Parts

The big move day is getting closer - six days away.  As I count down to that I have been reflecting back on our time at this house by posting old blogs.  
This one first appeared in May 2011.  I made a lot of changes in the garden from 2011 to present.  It's interesting to look back to see how it once looked and compare.

A Posting in Four Parts
(May 3, 2011)


That's the sign the heron left on its nest this morning. I startled it as I walked through the perennial garden taking photos at 10 am. It must have been perched on my roof

and when I walked by it flapped it huge wings and took off. I tried to see if it landed on the north side of the house but it wasn't there. Then I thought of the goldfish in my pond.

Here are some of the goldfish some days ago.

I think I had between 25 and 30 of various sizes. Some of them were 5 years old and 6 inches long. I got them as 29 cent feeder goldfish. Notice I used past tense. Yep! No sign of them. This afternoon I did spot this tiny one but nothing else there.

The heron didn't fish for frogs or tadpoles. I'm sure the goldfish made it easy because they were probably attracted to those pinkish orange legs and all it had to do was keep snatching them up.

Goodbye goldfish. You'll be missed.

PART TWO - "I Don't Know, Honey If This is the Right House for Us."

The bluebirds have been in and out of the bluebird box today. I thought finally they're building a nest and so I took a peek. Nope, no nest. They can't make up their mind which house to use since I put up two more. They will miss their chance because the chickadees have moved into one already.

PART THREE - Faces in the Garden

The glen garden

A wooden rabbit - its really just a piece of scrap cedar.

The perennial garden looking east.

PART FOUR - The Pile is Gone!

I moved the last of the mulch today finishing the paths in the perennial garden, adding more around the new junipers on the north side and mulching the vegetable garden pathways. Glad to have that chore complete.

You can see the lavender showing green. I hope they fill out a lot more this year.

2016 Footnote:  All those faces in the garden except the little girl angel statue are gone.  Sold in the auction!


wilderness said...

Marcia so sorry to hear about your goldfish. As you said I a sure it was easy picking.

Your beds are looking great. Congrats on the mulch pile being gone. Now sit back, relax and enjoy your yard. It is going to be beautiful this summer.

Emily said...

Sorry to hear about the goldfish. Maybe you'll have to restock it. Everything looks wonderful and green.

Marcia said...

Wilderness - if I relax too much the weeds and baby trees will take over.

Emily - if I restock it will be a temptation for the heron to return. I may do it anyway!

Gayle said...

thats' to bad about your goldfish,I love all the statues around your yard.

HolleyGarden said...

I had the same thing happen to my goldfish before. Their gold shine make them irresistible, I think. Loved the faces in your garden!

Fun60 said...

Only six days to go. You must have mixed feelings of excitement and maybe sadness at leaving your beautiful garden behind with all the memories it holds. I'm glad the cruise went so well. The lighthouse cottage was so good. I just loved it there. We couldn't go into the lighthouse as they are mainly automated now and there was no one around to take us up there.

Jackie Mc Guinness said...

Sounds a lot like us a few years ago downsizing from a house to a condo.
We probably miss the back garden the most as we had a pond also. My husband used to buy expensive fish but they would disappear, we suspect the raccoons. So we started putting goldfish.
Word to the wise, I kept some of my garden ornaments, they are on my balcony, but am thinking about giving them a to a fried with a garden as they take up too much space.

Peggy Jones said...

So sorry to hear about your gold fish. We had a Koi pond for many years and I was always afraid Something would get at them. I loved to watch them. I had had mine for many years. As we got older it became too much physical work for us to take care of it. Our yard man took it down and we gave him all the parts since that is what he does for a living.

Tom said...

Marcia, I'm not sure that I could say goodbye to all these treasures. I hope the move goes smoothly and that I see you back again soon.

Mike@Bit About Britain said...

Sorry I have been commenting even less than I usually do..! But I have managed to pick up that you're moving. I hope it all goes well for you. It is usually a wrench leaving a place we've lived in for years - few of us like change - but it's also a new beginning too. So here's to your new beginning!!

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