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Monday, November 9, 2015

Vegetable Garden - November

Vegetable gardening is done for 2015.  The beds have been planted with a cover crop of barley and field peas.  Surprisingly the bunny has not been in there to eat nor have the voles.

The bed on the right above is seen below in close up.  It's planted with garlic all of which are coming up nicely.  I did see a vole hole in there but nothing seemed to be eaten.

The only plant left to harvest is parsley and with a harder frost this may also be done for the year.  We did have frost this morning but from my window it still looks to be green out there.


Margaret Adamson said...

All looking good in your beds.

amanda | wildly simple said...

Love your garden beds, they give me inspiring thoughts for next year.
For the first time in 15 years or so, we let our main vegetable garden plot rest in 2015. We'll be starting new next spring, and I'd love to do raised beds like yours.
We are having strange warm weather here, usually all gardens and beds are under deep freeze already and at rest.. but it looks as if our strawberries are flourishing to life again. Now and then our pup still finds a stray carrot that we missed in our small carrot and tomato garden - she thinks they are a great treat!

Tom said...

This morning the ground was white with frost, but now it's lovely.

Margaret said...

We had a frosty morning as well, but the herbs seem to be taking it in stride. I should be keeping a better eye on the overnight lows so that I can get in that one last harvest before they are zapped by some really cold temps.

Dave @ OurHappyAcres said...

I bet the voles leave the garlic alone. That parsley might take more cold than you think. It usually survives the winter for me here, though the leaves might not be usable.

Cranberry Morning said...

Hi Marcia,
I wanted to bury this personal note in an older post, since I don't have your email address. Anyway, I'm so glad you told me about your experience at Westminster Abbey. The first time I walked into Westminster Abbey, I actually gave an involuntary gasp and tears came to my eyes. We've had some amazing experiences at Evensong, Easter Sunday, Maundy Thursday service, and First Sunday of Advent in various cathedrals in England. It thrills me every single time. Although I could do my Anglophile Friday post on yet another cathedral every single time, I try to space them out for my readers' sake. LOL I am so happy to find another who is just as thrilled with the services there and who also tunes in Christmas Eve morning to hear the live Christmas Eve Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols from King's. For the past few years we've also been attending a replica Nine Lessons service at St. Mark's Cathedral in Minneapolis just before Christmas. It's King's without the history and choirboys, but it's pretty thrilling and amazing anyway. We love it. I just purchased a wonderful book, 'Carols for Choirs' that contains arrangements by John Rutter and David Willcocks who, I just learned, died in September of this year.

Anyway, thanks so much for stopping in today. My Anglophile Friday post was up pretty late, as I usually have it ready to go by 6 or 7 AM.

Have a wonderful weekend.
- Judy

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