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Monday, August 17, 2015

August Vacation Trip (4 of 4)

Other Parks Near Wellsboro, PA.

We visited several parks nearby including Hills Creek State Park where we had a nice hike around the lake and a picnic lunch.  It was too cool to swim in the lake.  All of the PA parks we visited were free.  This was quite a pleasant surprise for us.

Joe Pye weed in full bloom.

We also had a cookout supper at Cherry Springs State Park.
The Endless Mountain Music Festival sponsored a brass quintet concert there that evening followed by a tour of the night sky.  This park is an international dark sky park.  Sorry no photos but we did see the Milky Way very clearly and were awed by shooting stars.

Another day we went to see birds unsuccessfully at The Muck.

These wetlands were beautiful in the morning light.  We heard the frogs and could see some ducks in the distance but nothing close by.

A bat house?

If you are ever up in northern PA you may want to make a stop in Wellsboro and the surrounding areas.


Blogoratti said...

What marvellous scenery in those photos.

Tom said...

What a great trip you had! Tom The Backroads Traveller

amanda | wildly simple said...

Looks like a wonderful time!!
I notice that a little person is receiving some privacy in one of your pictures, and while I adore the faces of children, I have to say that I was having a conversation yesterday about the privacy of children and technology.. Now that the world has changed so much (I was discussing young adolescents and social media) I think there need to be stricter rules and laws enforced to keep things safe and healthy. I don't wish for other people to share photos of my children on their social media platforms such as instagram or facebook. I've seen situations where this is abused by school aged children. Without any official guidelines, it may be simply be naive and unknowing of them, but it can also be so malicious and harmful. So anyway - I noticed that and give you thumbs for, whatever the situation, having consideration!
PS: I don't like bats.. but bat houses are handy... those flappy night critters eat so many mosquitoes here in northern MN!

Margaret Adamson said...

A fantastic trip and wonderful photographs to show for it.

Fun60 said...

What a wonderful area. I loved the photos.

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