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Monday, August 24, 2015

A Harvest the Colors of Christmas

Don't you agree looks like Christmas decor in the basket?

And in other news, I purchased a new Canon camera - PowerShot SX530 HS

It has wifi and I've managed to connect it to the iPad.

Still learning how to use it though.  Fortunately some of the commands are the same as the PowerShot SX230 HS I've been using.
Zoom potential will bring me closer to subjects but have to figure out how to lessen my ET (Essential Tremor) in my hands.  Anyone else have issues with that and can make suggestions?


Daisy said...

Do you have a tripod? My stepfather had essential tremors, and he managed to take photos and paint with watercolors. I'm not sure how he coped so well.

Your colorful pics are beautiful. I think the colors of the vegetables are part of the beauty of a garden. Flowers are nice, but tomatoes and peppers are fabulous.

Margaret Adamson said...

Probably if you have a tremor,a tripod is the only answer. Does this camera take better close ups? I would like a camera that does that.

Daphne Gould said...

It does look like Christmas. Lovely harvests.

Margaret said...

Beautiful harvests! I purchased a DSLR camera earlier this year, but have just not had the time to learn how to use it properly, so I still rely mainly on (gasp!) my phone camera. I figure the down time during the winter will be a good time to go through the 400 page e-manual ;)

Fun60 said...

That harvest is like a Christmas postcard. Can't wait to see your photos from your new camera. A friend of mine carries a beanbag(not sure what the American equivalent would be). basically a bag filled with small beans or polystyrene balls that you can balance the camera on. Works a treat if you don't want to carry a tripod around.

amanda | wildly simple said...

Your harvests are always fantastic.
And how wonderful it would be to have wi-fi on my camera! I find it hard during the busy summer months to find time to sit down to connect my camera to the computer and transfer photos.. I'm trying to do so right now. :)
I use my phone more and more because of the convenience of it, but it's just not the same, and I'm trying hard to use my camera.
Congrats on your new one!

Tom said...

Please don't rush thus Christmas stuff! Tom The Backroads Traveller

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