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Friday, May 23, 2014

Project Update #2

Spent the entire day moving gravel.  Maybe I moved 2 tons but pile still huge.  I went light at first so the first spokes of the pathways will get more once the rest has been put down.  Here are some progress shots taking over the course of today during my frequent breaks.

The patches of green are the creeping thyme patches that I want to spread.

Two spokes yet to do plus area right off the deck.
It will wait till tomorrow.


Betsy Adams said...

Big project, Marcia --and you and hubby have done a great job... Love it... Hope you made your hubby a big dinner the day he moved all of those big stones... Yipes!!!!!


Marcia said...

Betsy - he moved those big ones after dinner. Took us about an hour and half. The gravel moving is all my effort so far. Dan was at work today.

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