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Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I recently read this post by Serenity Cove and started to wonder if I was such a gardener.

I figured it was time to do another hosta post since they've grown so much since this post in May.

As I took the photos this evening I realized I do really like hostas.  

I often break my no more perennial resolve to buy another lovely leafed thing.

I don't pass up offers of plant divisions.

I divide my own and spread them around to new places.

Oh, dear what have I become?

A hostaholic?


Point 17 said...

I like hostas too. Although we don't have many, the few we do have came from my wife's grandmother's home, so they have sentimental value.

Betsy Adams said...

Yes, I think both you and Pearl (Serenity) are Hostaholics... BUT--that is a good thing since you both have gorgeous hostas.... I have several but not nearly as many as you two...

Gorgeous, Marcia.

Marcia said...

Welcome, Point 17. I see you are in MD too. Where abouts? Plants from grandparents are wonderful. I have lily of the valley from my husbands grandfather.

Marcia said...

I guess you're right.

Point 17 said...

Hi, Marcia. You have a nice blog. I live in Perryville, which is at the mouth of the Susquehanna River in Cecil County.

Serenity Cove said...

Oh Marcia....I think you are well on your way to being a hostaholic!!! It's very addicting! I bought two more yesterday which brings my total for this year to 18 new ones. Not saying I'm done for sure:) I don't know how many I have but I'm trying to get them all in a journal this year especially the named ones.
You have some lovely big ones. I have a few that have gotten big but I just started getting serious about collecting a few years ago so most of mine haven't reached maturity. I'll try to post some photos when I get time.

Dan said...

What a nice collection of Hosta's.

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