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Monday, July 30, 2012

Harvest Monday - Tomato Season

I'm late with this post because my laptop was at the Apple store having the operating system reinstalled.  I hope that solves the problems I was having with it.

It is tomato season and they are coming in numbers that require freezing or sauce making which I did both this past week.  I have been picking them on the light green side but they ripen fast on the counter.
 Market Miracle has been the most prolific and in varying sizes, too.

 Here's an Amish paste of some size.
 Goldie's have had the most problem with bad spots but they're still delicious.
 This is an unknown that looks like a roma.
 Jalapenos with more Market Miracle.
 First Cherokee purple.

 Zucchini still producing and I'm avoiding the baseball bats so far.  More assorted peppers.

 This is the basket harvested on Monday morning.
 Green beans for dinner tonight along with a handful of blueberries and a strange shaped cucumber.
 Finally a Cherokee purple sliced that went on my BLT.  Yum!
See other harvests at Daphne's Dandelions.


Michelle said...

I'm still waiting for tomatoes. Can't wait for my first BLT, I bet yours was delicious.

Betsy Adams said...

Hi Marcia, Hope the Apple Store fixed up your computer. I had to stop recently and get a new battery for my laptop...

I don't know one tomato from the next --but I do know when they are good.... YUM.... You have had a great harvest this year.... I'd love all of those fresh veggies.


Susan Zentmyer said...

All those beautiful tomatoes - I am so envious!

Marcia said...

It was. This is the first year for Cherokee purple. They taste very good but not producing like Market miracle so undecided if I will plant next year.

Marcia said...

So far it seems to be okay. May be a Time machine problem or it may have been Firefox causing the issues so I changed to Google Chrome as my internet browser for now.

Most home grown tomatoes are luscious.

Jenny said...

Looks like you're having very nice harvest week!

Friend of HK said...

The tomatoes look delicious~

Marcia said...

The tomatoes were worth the wait. Now if they would just keep producing!

wilderness said...

Marcia, looks like you are getting quite a few tomatoes. I don't even have a blossom on my zucchini yet.

Mary Hysong said...

your tomatoes are looking really good. Never heard of Market Miracle before, but it looks good.

Marcia said...

I got the seeds for Market Miracle from Daphne last fall when she had her giveaway. I must say they have been a standout in production and flavor. I just hope I can find the seeds for next year, too.

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