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Monday, February 27, 2012

Spring To Do List

We all have it - that Spring to do list.  This week it finally looks like the weather will be conducive for me to start tackling my list.

1. The Perennial Garden.
 All the old growth from last year needs to be cut down and composted.

 The leaves that cover the beds need to be removed or dug in so the new growth can get the sunlight.  These crocuses have pushed through those leaves.

 The stone walls of each bed need to be straightened.

 2. The Pond Garden
 The pond needs cleaning out of the leaves that accumulated there.  We never had the long frozen spell that would have let me walk on the ice to cut down the cattails.  I'll have to put my boots on and wade in there to cut them.  The Joe Pye and the butterfly bushes and all the irises around the pond will have to be trimmed.
 The grasses need to be cut and divided and divisions moved to other locations.
 3. The Vegetable Garden
 The garlic is growing.  I don't think it ever stopped this winter.
 The other beds need compost added and then peas, spinach, lettuce and other spring crops can be planted.
 One small patch of spinach that wintered over but it was disappointing.

4. The Front Garden
 The Russian sage will have to be cut back.
 As will the butterfly bushes and hydrangeas.
 The hibiscus will need a cut back of dead limbs.
 The sedum will soon put out new green growth so I need to help it along by cutting the old flower stalks.
 I left my pots out all year in the front and the Daisy Miller may come back but nothing else will.
These pots wintered over in the vestibule.  All the plants survived and soon will be putting out new growth.  I'll need to freshen them up and when temps allow move them to the back deck for another season of growth.


wilderness said...

Marcia, you sure have your work cut out for you. I won't even consider making a list of what I should do this spring. I am going to put in a good effort to get it all done but doubt that I will finish by fall.

HolleyGarden said...

I've been making my list. Oh, so much to do! Like wilderness, I rarely get my spring list done before fall, then it's start all over again it seems! Good luck with your list!

Marcia said...

And I was so ready to start this week but the weather report I heard was not anywhere close to what it has been.

Marcia said...

Yes so much to do! But you manage to do a lot all year round.

Dan said...

Spring sure has a way of keeping on busy. Love those crocus shots!

Marcia said...

Welcome back. Haven't seen or heard from you in ages.

Jean said...

Oh My...Sigh...hope I can keep up with you.

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