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Monday, October 10, 2011

Harvest Monday - October Surprise

I really didn't expect to be writing a Harvest post today.  Among my garden tasks for the day was to plant garlic.  Afterward I decided that with the cool nights, lack of direct sun and eventual frost, it was time to take down the green peppers and chop them for composting.  As I did this I discovered that there were quite a few green peppers both New Ace and Cubanelle on the plants. And I was pleasantly surprised by how blemish-free they are. Now these are not huge but they are usable.  So I'm open to suggestions as to how to use all these.  Recipe ideas?
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The Musical Gardener said...

How about just chopping them up and freezing them until you need them for pasta sauce or pizza.

They are also great stuffed with rice and hamburger, baked with cheese on top.

HolleyGarden said...

I was going to suggest freezing them, too! They look delicious!

Robin said...

I'm with the others on freezing them. Then you can use them for anything you want. I freeze some chopped, some sliced and some just cut in half.

Marcia said...

I guess I will freeze most of these. I was hoping there was a pickling recipe out there I could try, but I guess these aren't the pickling kind.

MG - there a little too small for stuffing and less I make mini ones.

Thanks to all the suggestions. Into the freezer they will go today.

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