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Friday, September 9, 2011

My World After the Storm

Looking down into the wetlands you can see where the flash flood waters flowed free of the banks of the creek. I caught the deer investigating the water soaked grasses.

Another smaller creek that's usually a trickle was considerably wider during the height of the flooding.

This tree has been slowly encased with tent caterpillars. Even the trunk has the netting around it. I don't think it will survive this attack which means it will fall on our driveway, probably in a winter storm!

The glen is dark and dreary. Every trunk is blackened by the moisture of the storm.

A bring spot along the driveway is this Jack in the Pulpit seed head.

Here's another getting ready to drop its seeds.

Is this coleus? Have I started an invasive species? I found this growing along the rip rap next to the driveway.

Maybe it's a wildflower that mimics coleus.

Another bright spot are the marigolds in the vegetable garden. I'll take seeds from these for next year.

Back at the house the grasses are almost flattened by the rain. As I type this looking out that window at them, they are slowly raising up their fronds.

It's a very wet world. We are 11 inches over the amount of rain we usually have by this time in the year. Wish I could send some to my friends in Texas.


HolleyGarden said...

11 inches over! Wow! Love your marigolds. But those tent worms! I've got them here, but I've never seen as many as those. I hope everything looks normal again in a few days for you. It's amazing how fast things can recover. Have a great weekend.

Robin said...

I don't know how many inches over we are. But, we got more rain these past few days then we did from the hurricane. The sun is finally peeking out for the first time all week!

Flash flooding and flooding from the rivers have been a problem here too! I hope that this weather pattern doesn't continue for the rest of hurricane season.

Jean said...

I am so glad y'all are safe! Interesting pictures on the aftermath.

Marcia said...

Holley - yesterday I was out weeding and realized the trug was filled with water! It's at least a foot deep. We got a lot of rain.

Robin - everyone in the path of Lee was super soaked.

Jean - yes, I'm glad we live on the top of this hill not at the bottom.

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