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Saturday, March 19, 2011

First Spring Plantings

I spent most of Saturday planting. Here's the vegetable garden before (above) and after (below) and what I planted.

Two types of lettuce (bibb and a young leaf mix) and Bloomsdale spinach were planted here. The lettuce in the foreground was a fall crop. I moved it from another bed to this one.

Snowpeas were planted in the trench method (see below). I add the sticks for them to grow on for support. Later I tried to cover the whole thing with a net so the turkey that a neighbor spotted won't find the seeds. The spinach in the bed is a fall sowing and doing nicely now.

I planted three kinds of onion sets: yellow, red and white. I placed them close because we eat lots of green onions so I'll thin them. After the photo I pushed the bulbs into the ground so just the tips were at soil line.

1 comment:

wilderness said...

Beds are looking good. Someday I will be outside planting. I do believe you have enough onions.

Have you ever tried the candy onions. I love them and they are kinder to my tummy.

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