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Monday, August 16, 2010

Non- Harvest

I've been away for the last week so there was nothing harvested here. In fact I've been enjoying the harvest at my daughter's.

I'm disappointed in many things:
Brussels sprouts infested and moldy though there are sprouts. I may take them all out and pick off the sprouts that are big enough this week.
No beans on my Kentucky Wonder beans. No flowers to speak of either.
There are eggplant but I'll wait to pick them until Thursday when company is coming. I thought they would be bigger by now.
Very few peppers! One plant has had no blossoms at all.

The only saving grace in this garden is the tomatoes. I picked 11 today - some a bit past their prime since no one picked last week.

There may be gardeners with better luck at Daphne's Dandelion today. Not me though.


thyme2garden said...

Sorry to hear about your garden disappointments. :-( Have you been suffering under this terrible heat in your area, too? At least you have your daughter's harvest to enjoy together. I didn't realize that you two were related! How lovely. I can barely get my mom to grow some vegetables in her garden (and only if I sow the seeds), and I wouldn't even try to get her to blog.

vrtlarica said...

This summer has been the worst for me too. No cucumbers, tomatoes infested with blight. And I can just hope that beans were not destroyed by all the rain we had.
Hopefully next year will be better.

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