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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Short-lived Joy

This morning when watering I spotted a rosy tomato. Wow! My first one! Rutgers won the race.

Closer inspection revealed that it suffers from blossom end rot. Oh well, the next one can't be long to wait for.


lisa anne said...

UGH! I had to pull 3 of my plants due to blossom end rot this year. The tomatoes were starting to rot in their tiny green stage and I figured with 25 other tomato plants to work with, I could reuse the space for other things. Made me sad to rip them out, though! I feel your pain!

woodgreen said...

Sorry I cannot say I approve of the
way you grow Tom's in the U,S. All
that top growth should not be there,
it is weak and taking the goodness
from the bottom,sorry STEWART

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