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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Fence

Here are the two raised beds before the fence was installed. The netting was too confining for the plants.

Tuesday morning the holes were dug and posts cemented in place. It's about 16 x 24.

Today, Wednesday, the crew came back to put on the wire mesh then the horizontal and vertical rails.

Here's the finished fence. A gate was built to fit. You can see my bluebird box just behind the garden area. The bluebirds will love sitting on the fence.

Here's a view from below, it is on a slope.

Here's what you will see coming up my steepdrive. The tomatoes and beans have been uncovered. Netting no longer necessary.


Emily said...

The fence looks great! Are you going to mulch the paths inside or leave the grass growing?

Dan said...

The fence does look great. Looks like there might be some room for expanding in there???

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