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Saturday, October 11, 2008

October 11th

Took a walk to the mailbox by way of the glen. I hadn't been down there in a long while. A stick accompanied me so I could take out the cob webs, but it also served to flick the sticks in the pathway to the side. You know the time of year is fall because even though there are many green leaves, there are more and more yellow leaves among the towering tulip poplar trees.

It was this time of year (September 99) that we purchased this property. I remember walking the property with Dan and he was recovering from a nasty bite that he got in Glacier Park. He probably shouldn't have been hiking through the woods with his infection, but that was never anything that would stop him. Emily would have been just delivered to college earlier in the month. The stateliness of the poplars in the glen then were awe inspiring. They still are. Sorry I don't have a picture to include. I'll have to take one tomorrow.

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